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Future Online Shop!

Our upcoming store is for couture lovers everywhere. We have many things in mind for what the future brings, but to begin with, here are some of the things you can expect to see!

  • Our Classic Couture Gentlemens line will be sold exclusively on on the site, as well as accommodating mens accessories. The products are sold on a limited basis, with new exclusive designs created over time. If you like something you see! You'd best hurry and get it while its available!
  • The exclusive Cuff and Tug Collection, for the couture collector or the extravagant "Madam's" evening gown. These sleeves are the perfect touch of "stunning" to any formal wear. Each design is one of a kind, and therefore wont be replicated!
  • They are also wonderfully accompanied by the one of a kind couture female collars collection exclusively by Erena Chebës. Combine them with the Cuff and Tug collection for that extra push of glamour, or wear them separately like a designer piece far past jewelry.
  • Our perfumes, an exciting work in progress!
  • Many future creations to come!

Madam Erena Chebës is available for contact for custom orders and she is also willing to sell some pieces early for those with a heart too eager to wait for the official release.