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Couture Perfume Prototypes


We are very excited to speak on our prototypes for our future perfumes, one of the many products in our future shop!

These two perfumes were inspired and based on Erenas fantastic bottle dresses. They were giving matching names similar to those inspired in the dresses. Both of these creations will be shown in an upcoming future charity event among a greater collection of wild and inspiring designs.

Crystal, based on "Crystal Dior" the dress. Has a more sweet and romantic flavor to it. The dress, and perfume were inspired by Dior, and made as a tribute to Christian Dior for his 70th anniversary within last year. Dior was hosting a exhibition at Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris to celebrate the anniversary, from July 5, 2017 to January 7, 2018. The dress was Erena's own personal gift to the company and the soul behind it all.

It was fondly inspired by the gorgeous J'adore bottle, and therefore it was created with gold. Just as the color is warm, so should the flavor be. When you think of Dior, you often think of elegance. Christian Dior was the bringer of that elegance to the name. He was also very mysterious, not so actively pushing himself in the public throughout time and usually surrounded within his beloved work. Those features bring out the sweetness and romance of the perfume.

Rococo, based on "Rococo Chanel" the dress. Is more spicy and exotic in flavor. The dress and perfume were created in inspiration to Mademoiselle Chanel. A tribute to her and heavily inspired by her personality. Gabrielle Chanel was a very brave and extravagant woman, the first woman to successfully push against the removal of women's corsets out of fashion. That takes a lot of strength, and quite a lot of attitude to make happen! That very strength and power to push forward is what amazed and inspired Erena. For such vivid traits, the dress was made to match the extravagance, and the perfume to match the strength. 

These two astounding designers were chosen by Madam Erena because of the connection shes had to them throughout her life. She adores many more and admires them all, but these two specifically have a sort of string to her heart. They were her main inspiration when she began making her first designer hair accessories in 4th to 5th grade. Everywhere she turned the names were whispered and gasped about, paving her imagination. Then, as she turned 20, Erena had received her first perfume. It just so happened to be from Dior. 

They seemed to have followed her through her life, and almost feel as if they are already a part of her. Her muses, her idols, her role models. She is greatly inspired by their achievements, the stories of their past, and the way the companies continue to flourish and bring beauty to the world. Perhaps it was time she displayed a little of that appreciation she had been holding within herself since the time she was a little girl.

To see more about the dress creations, check out our youtube page, or visit Art into Couture 

We are excitedly continuing to perfect these beautiful perfumes, and anxiously awaiting to bring you the final products! To enjoy within your own lives, and feel that same inspiration.