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The Art Gala "Walk On The Wild Side" 2018 Mens And Womens Line

Madam Erena Chebës will be presenting 8 pieces of her personal collection and 10 of her couture mens line pieces within The Art Galas annual fundraising event taking place on Saturday, May 5th, 2018. She plans to bring her own artistic spin to the theme "Walk on the wild side" with insane couture art designs. During her turn to present Erena plans to surprise the crowd with an extra fantasy touch to not only the designs, but the show as well. Then lead on with exquisitely couture touched mens designs. The event will be held in Philadelphia at the beautiful Arts Ballroom venue.

Each piece of Erenas represents its own idea, to come together into a sensational display of fashion turned into moving art. All of them have a story to tell, and willingly spark the wild imagination of viewers. Every design from the sketch to the final product is created with passion and a goal. Erena will use fabric manipulation and other creative couture techniques, as well as handmade elaborate accessories to bring all of her fantastic designs together.

To inquire about tickets, learn more information about the show and the other party festivities within the event, visit:

We hope to see you there!