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Amazing Event with Amazing People at The Art Gala "Walk On The Wild Side" 2018

Photography by: Photo Art Star Modeled by: Ray

Photography by: Photo Art Star
Modeled by: Ray

Hope you all marked your calendars!

On May 5th The Art Galas stunning event took place! Full of music, art and fashion. So much exquisite talent in one space, it was exhilarating to witness! Not only was the place full of excitement but so were the people! We couldnt have enjoyed it any less. 

The day was event packed and everyone put their hearts into it! From the magic that happened backstage to the final products brought to the main show. Everyone was dedicated and thats what shows! We are continuously grateful to all the models as well as the extravagent work done by the makeup artists and hair designers. Each and every one of these people are a puzzle piece, and without just one, the puzzle would be incomplete! 

We brought two collections to this amazing event. Our Avant Garde collection accompanied with the exquisite Cuff and Tug collection, and our Classic Couture Gentlemens line of shirts and accessories. The models truly felt wild in the designs and embraced the couture! The musical and dance performances between brought wonder to the crowds!

Seeing everyone enjoy themselves in the after party was truly an amazing feeling. Speaking to some incredible people, and taking pictures with some of our amazing models! A thrilling event full of creative people. Two of Erena Chebës pieces were also seen on auction and bought, with the proceeds being donated to charity!

The excitement was overpowering, and we couldnt be happier for next time.


Photography by: Photo Art Star Modeled by: Sherrie Savage

Photography by: Photo Art Star
Modeled by: Sherrie Savage