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NYC Live! @ Fashion Week Show

Thursday was a day like no other, did you make it to the show?!

Madam Chebës with her four performers and three models wearing Chebës avant garde  Performers:    Nicole Bryan   ,    Kimberly Reinagel   ,    Keith Maliszewski   ,    Brianna Lynn    Models:    Ivy Dominique   ,    Svetlana Kramar   ,    Libra Lalena

Madam Chebës with her four performers and three models wearing Chebës avant garde
Nicole Bryan, Kimberly Reinagel, Keith Maliszewski, Brianna Lynn
Ivy Dominique, Svetlana Kramar, Libra Lalena

Fashion week may have been concluding but that didnt stop all these wonderful designers for getting their creations into the gleam of light. Madam Chebës was the opening act with her Royalty Of Couture collection, and she didnt plan to let it be anything less than spectacular. The team of designer, models, hair stylists and makeup artists worked together anxiously!

During the daytime, if you happened to be passing in New York City you might have spotted one of the live mannequins in the window displays at 4W 43rd’s building. Madam Chebës had set out two exclusive pieces for her display, including her avant garde winter summer dress, and her exclusive midnight pearl shirt, part of her mens collection, with accompanying accessories. It was a hit, with people crowding to take pictures and selfies along with the live mannequins!

Inside, the theatrical team part of Madam Chebës opening act was preparing and practicing before their chance on stage, all the meanwhile the models were prepping! As everyone knows, events like this can become hectic just as much as they are filled with excitement. Once it came time for the show to start, the candelabra was set and the music played. Slowly one at a time, the two performers dressed in 18th century mens formal wear stepped out and added two more candles to the candelabra. A few breathtaking pauses and the female performers took their turns onto the stage. Interacting with each other before finally resting at their positions on the sides of the runway. The show has begun, and just as the first model stepped out, the men bowed, and the ladies curtsied.

Models: Ivy Dominique, Svetlana Kramar, Libra Lalena

Models: Ivy Dominique, Svetlana Kramar, Libra Lalena

What had been a simple showcase had turned into a beautiful experience for the audience. The designs stunned the crowds and cameras clicking off photos at every angle. Gasps and comments of excitement could be heard all around as the performers breathed life into the stage, and thats exactly what Madam Chebës was hoping for. For people to enjoy and experience her collection. Each piece has a story of its own, even from the start of its creation. However it is even more amazing to watch others create stories for the pieces, sharing them with one another!

We had the most stunning models and each one brought grace as well as sophistication to the designs. Sending the magic out and letting the crowds soak it in. Avant garde pieces are often a struggle for models, especially if designed so uniquely as Madam Chebës’s collection. Things are bound to happen, however each model was confident and walked with their heads held high. People must understand that as magical as a piece is, it can only really come to life once worn by the model.

Madam Chebës could not complete her signature planned look due to time constraints. However as put by her “Its not about me, its more about my creations that I am so happy to share with you, so of course I chose them first.”
No show ever goes down perfectly, but if the goal stays true and the performance is extravagant to the end, you can be sure that it makes up for it!

Model  Gio Delavicci  posing with  Princess Fortier  in Chebës couture

Model Gio Delavicci posing with Princess Fortier in Chebës couture

Regardless of the time constraint she walked out in style and like a queen. The finale caused excitement and surprise in the crowd as Madam Chebës along with two of her amazing models, Ivy Dominique and Steve Silver, opened three special cards which released paper butterflies into the air! In the planning of this finale, Madam Chebës chose to use paper butterflies as a substitute for real ones. She and her team did not want any of the butterflies to be stuck or harmed inside of the building. Choosing paper butterflies also gave nearby viewers a chance to catch one and keep as a souvenir!

Taking a bow and giving a heartwarming thank you to the viewers, Chebës disappeared back stage while the performance came to an end as the extravagant four performers made their exit in character!

After the show you may have spotted a few of Madam Chebës models as well as herself in the red carpet area! People stopped to take pictures with the designs and designer, and everyone had an absolutely wonderful time.

ERENA CHEBËS At NYC Live! @ Fashion Week

It was incredible and we hope everyone made it to the show. We cant wait to work together with our wonderful team again soon. If you couldnt make it, dont be discouraged. You can find the live stream video of the event on youtube! Keep your eyes out for the next one.