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NYC Live! @ Fashion Week Show, Live Window Display & Designer Pieces For Sale!

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Coming up this September, the "NYC Live! @ Fashion Week" Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion showcase will be the talk of the city! Join Madam Chebës and other designers in this stunning event and experience the glamour. There is plenty of things to see and to do, including a fantastic after party!

Madam Chebës will be opening with her Royalty of Couture collection and bringing her extra wow to everything there. With 12 exotic pieces to showcase to everyone. Including mens, womens and avant garde, this is a show you dont want to miss with an extra surprise.

Or if you happen to be strolling in the city, check out the live window displays! With moving models bringing life and a show to our and other designers creations. Take a picture of yourself with one of Madam Chebës creations and tag her on instagram! (couturechebe) 

Love it so much you want to bring some of it home? Well lucky for you, anything shown on the runway or in our live window displays can be bought that very night. For the first time ever, you can also buy the designers own custom outfit worn that night as a set! Antique shoes and unique accessories included! Walk in the designers shoes and feel her creativity flow within you for real. There is also a special room where two extra exclusive pieces by Madam Chebës will be sold. You cant miss out on these!

If you cant make it but still want to experience the glamour, check out the live stream at RunwayNews.Com on the day of the show starting at 6:30pm.

September 13th
4W 43rd ST
Mark the date!

For further information about the event and what it has to offer, including the wonderful featured activities, please visit the event page and get your tickets today!